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Human pursuits are mere attempts to realize peace and happiness through our acts. Wisdom alone will help to set the right direction for oneself in order to set goals of life. In the absence of appreciate intellect, people rush into the world for materialistic gains in order to find inner peace and spiritual contentment. All human beings crave for earning more wealth, fame and power. Little does the man realize that the material gains have never ever given peace, satisfaction and happiness that one ultimately longs for.

           In the end of life people realize that there is no limit to how much wordly possession a man should have. The rich with unlimited wealth fall prey to wealth fatigue syndrome (WFS). They do not know where they made mistake. They aggravate problems by becoming part of the rat race.

Abundance of wealth drives the billionaires to indulge in unreasonable excessive spending whereas millions of people are dying of hunger. In the initial stages their purchase are sparked by greed and envy. A person with a normal motor car desires for a luxury car. Another person with a 6-8 seater plane acquires a luxury jet. The seesaw of discontent and content persecutes them all through life. Thus they go on a spree of purchasing houses and holiday homes, cars and yachts, planes and helicopter just as children purchase toys. These worldly passions give them happiness for a while and soon they get tired of them and throw them away. None is aware that uncontrollable desire causes suffocating dullness and isolation that the wealthiest/ billionaires suffer from. Ironically, they themselves have no clue of what they are going through. They need to look at those who have less and realize their own fortunate position. However, there is no control on them of the society or law to acquire wealth exercise control, regulate the mind’s indiscriminate craving for wealth.

Those who run after worldly possessions also meet with the same fate as that of a common man. In the initial stage, people crave to gain even a little recognition from others. They would love to have their name or picture appear in the newspaper, magazine or television even after paying a price to achieve it. Humans have great weakness to be known and praised by others. It all stems from an inferiority or superiority complex. The world consists of variety of human beings.

Each one has a role to play in this well orchestrated temporal world where no one is big or small, important or unimportant. In such a perfect set up, the Bible says “Dust thou art to dust returnest”. Then why to have any complexes? Let each one of us play our role as best as we can in this drama of life. Which would bring about the beautiful amalgamation of good and evil, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor in the world. To quote Shakespeare, “the world is a stage and we are merely players on it”.

The desire and over ambition to gain power is always insatiable. The more the power a person gains, the more he craves for it. It takes him up in a spiral and ultimately destroys. History is replete with example of people, leaders, businessmen, …etc. who ran after material gains yet could not find supreme bliss of happiness. Real power and possession come from selflessness. No selfish person can wield power for long.



















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