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   Seeking valuable opinion regarding "Save erosion of Indian Culture"
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Honesty is the best policy, this moral lesson is taught to every child. But in today’s world we don’t find respect for honesty and good deeds. We find a large number of honest and good people suffering.

The dishonest enjoys life at the fullest, whereas the honest suffers.

Honest people are like straight trees which are easier to cut and to be used. This exploitation leads to frustration. It spoils their potential to work in positive way. Dishonest people justify dishonest way, corruption and selfish gains and gradually it becomes a culture in which honest people are misfit. So dishonest people try to overpower honest and manipulate them.

Indian tradition talks about there gunas (triunes) which are present in each person to a different degrees. The dominance of one or the other guna may lead to a particular types of behavior. Sattva guna includes cleanliness, truthfulness, honesty, dutifulness and discipline. Where as Rajas guna includes sensuous desire, envy for others, dissatisfaction, etc.

And the third guna is Tamas guna characterizes, arrogance, depression, dishonesty and so on. According to Indian culture Sattva gunas are considered important and worth while to achieve fulfillment..

People who have rajas and tamas dominated personality are unhealthy persons. They have insignificant expectations and decisions. They try to overpower the sattva kind of people who are peace loving, quiet and emotional.

History also has some examples of honest people, like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Lal Bahadur Shastri, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, .etc.

It seems that hypocrisy has become ubiquitous element, people themselves do not practice what they preach. As a result dishonest and selfish people always grow and think of their personal interest and work in an immoral way. This vicious circle will keep on going. So we need to strengthen the society and change the mind set of the people in the right direction which can uplift the common man, down trodden and suppressed section of society.

Dishonesty may be a short cut way to achieve goal but it can not sustain for long time. Unfortunately in Kaliyug (the fourth and worst of the four yugas) people are more fascinated by the superficial charm and not by the value oriented person.






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