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The emotion and the conscience of a man is the prime driving force that creates unique identity. When law is made on the basis of the principles of worldly affair (laukik shashtra)by completely ignoring emotions then that law becomes meaningless. Emotion buttressed with conscience is the ultimate strength and vigour of human being.

           But some people neglect the call of conscience as they consider man’s life just a systematic collection of instruments and tools that works according to an engine. By ignoring emotions, some people make practical laws of universe on the basis of artificial engine introspecting righteousness of their action and deeds. If these people could understand that man is also an amalgamation of life, soul, body and emotions then they dare not neglect the laws of nature and these people must understand interpersonal relationships.

In a state of employer-employee relationship, both are equally important stake holders in ensuring quality work and consequently get compensated .But in the interest of profit share, on one side there may be profit and on other side loss. In another way, if an organization is not running properly rather running in loss then expectation of high emolument by the employee is totally irrelevant. Therefore on the basis of give and take principle we cannot constitute the practical law.

According to the divine law, human behavior should not be dependent on the principle of profit and loss rather it should be based on practical/natural laws. So man’s progress should not depend only upon his ability to get his work done www.aabreitling.com www.clocktowerss.com but also by means of morality. By performing a particular act, one cannot conclude about the nature of result but one can certainly say that particular work is right or wrong. One can also say that by moving on the path of morality, good result is expected but no one knows what will be the nature of result and in which form one will get the result.

Let us take some instances, generally it is observed that when the owner is clever and prompt, labourers perform more job willingly. Simultaneously when owner is lazy, inefficient and inconsiderate, labourers do not perform their duty as per expectation. But the fact is that both owner and labourer are focused and prompt towards the completion of job. In most of the cases it is found that labourers who work under the owner with love and affection, perform more and with better quality than without love and affection. Some people may or may not agree with this fact because many a times as against affection and kindness, we get opposite in return and labourers’s act becomes reverse but this fact is not correct rather those labourers who show carelessness in return of affection, ultimately start showing hatred with the owner. This is true both in case of employer and employee. Finally we may conclude that if a man delivers his duty with integrity, result will always be fruitful.

In another instance if an army chief expects duty from army men   by using the laws of economics, he may not be able to act and do the assigned job properly rather he can receive all kinds of services/work, even tougher work done from the same army men if he shows consideration, affection and becomes happy with the well being, be the part in his happiness and sorrows, provide motivation, protection etc. Similar kind of incidence is also found in a group of robbers, where they show perfect loyalty and devotion to their chief. But similar type of affection and devotion is not found between owner and workers in a factory because the base of workers’ compensation depends upon the laws of give and take  and due to which devotion and like is found between owner and workers and in place of sympathy, conflicts and competitiveness is found in relationship.

According to the law of materialistic world, the prime job of a business is to provide necessary and quality goods for the masses but it is a common perception that the businessman just mints money for himself whereas he has himself opted for the same profession but later on they start looking down upon himself and other similarly occupied people. In the present scenario, many businessmen resort to dishonesty and compromise with the quality goods and even consider and claim this manipulative and immoral act as their sole privilege and right. But we need to reform this tradition and trend because it is unethical on the part of a businessman who thinks only in terms of selling poor quality products and amassing wealth. This kind of a business will only be called a sort of theft and deception.As per some other instances, a soldier sacrifices his life for the sake of his motherland. Similarly, a businessman should also come out from the narrow domestic walls of selfishness and should do  for the happiness and welfare of the common people.

As per the state laws, the job of a soldier is to protect common man, profession of religious preacher/ecclesiast is to provide religious/practical education, profession of a doctor is to keep common people healthy, profession of advocate is to make public aware of law and finally the profession of a businessman is to collect and provide quality goods for the common man. It can be concluded that the duty of these professionals is to provide quality service to the people even at the cost of their life.

As we know the pious religious preachers do not preach common man for the sake of money but in any case he gets bread and butter for his survival. Similarly a business man should not be greedy just for profit by any means rather should provide necessary and quality goods to masses and in turn, anyhow he gets marginal  benefit even in worst  situation, even if he is in a pathetic condition in terms of money. He should stick to the point that he will not sell poor quality goods and will not deceive people and if he does so, he should be given optimum level of respect in the society.

A businessman should also keep another important aspect in the mind that he should always give perfect love and affection to all his staff members and workers as he gives to his own children. That is what we can call it as true sense of economics. Some people may not agree with this kind of thoughts but if one thinks about the above facts in true sense, then it is understood that this is the true meaning of the law of economics.

On the contrary some economists agree that by using love and affection we can gain profit but while there are other kind of economist who may not agree  with this kind of profit rather they always think to become a millionaire. When those people follow this route, they surely become millionaire and those who do not follow remain poor. But the question is that will the nation get benefited by the money earned by such businessmen ? Some people do not understand the meaning of millionaire. It is a fact that where there is rich there is poor.The money which is in the possession of a millionaire and that money does not satiate the hunger of the nearby people then such money is meaningless.The power of a millionaire’s money depends only upon the fact  how much his neighbour gives importance to it. Wherever there is poverty there is richness. In another words, if a person wants to continue to feel as a millionaire he/she must keep his neighbours in impoverished condition.

But one should not be disappointed with other’s richness. To remain happy, we should be contented with what we have, as happiness can not be purchased from money; it is a state of mind and it comes from within.



























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